Our Cleaning Process

Our cleaning processes are tailored to each and every individual rug. Some rugs will be better suited a a particular process and require specific treatments.

Here is an online of the steps we follow for many rugs that we clean for our customers.


We will firstly measure and photograph each rug and ensure the correct price has been quoted. We will of course contact you if there are any changes or any cleaning concerns and discuss possible options. 
A detailed 54 point inspection report is completed and sent to you for those who choose the Prestige Signature Hand Wash Package.

Dusting – Dry soil removal

You rug will then go through an automatic dusting machine where the dry soils such as hair grit and sand will be removed with the beating and vibrating of the machine. For any fragile rugs we will use a portable duster which is very gentle though less effective. 

Pre Wash Stain Treatment

If you rug has any staining we will treat these with environmentally safe and non toxic specialist stain treatment solutions. We will do this prior to washing your rugs as unfortuantely in some instances even water alone can potentially set a stain making it impossible to remove without damaging or re-colouring the fibres. All of our cleaning technicians have been trained and certified to use our stain tretment solutions and these will applied with teh upmost care. If we are unabel to remove any specific stains we will contact you and discuss alternative such as colour repair and restoration.

Decontamination Treatment

The rug is placed onto the washfloor and we will apply a sanitising solution to the rug which will effectivly disinfect and kill micro-organisms that can give rise to unpleasent odours. This solution is apllied and scrubbed into the rugs fibres using either a hand held or automatic machine scrub brushes.

Automatic Wash Tub Pre-Soak

This step involves placing your rug into the automatic wash tub for 30 minutes. The paddles mimic the gentle adgitation of hand washing techniques. The rug gently swims in the churning water and detergent without the need of abrasive scrubbing or tugging of the fibres this helps them release their imbedded soils. By doing this we reduce the amount of water required during the washing process and also significantly reduces the amount of electricity used making the washing process as eco friendly as possible while still achieving the most thorough wash possible. 

Automatic Washing & Rinsing

Your rug will be gently loaded onto the conveyer belt at the front of the automatic washing machine and gently scrubbed by the counter rotating soft brush heads. We have full control of the speed, pressure and any aditional detergent requirments. We are able to make adjustments for each and every fibre type from polypropylene to silk.
Once it has passed through thescrubb brush section it will then move onto the rinsing section where the machine will use presurised water and squeegy system to throuroughly rinse all the desolved soils and detergents away and apply a conditioner which gives a unique softness to the rug after rinsing and leaves a long lasting fresh scent. Antistatic agent contained in the conditioner helps prevent static electricity.

Hand Washing & Fringe Cleaning

Not all rugs can go through an automatic washing machine. Extreemly delicate rugs such as antique rugs or rugs with long fringe are washed on our wash floor using hand held scrub brushes and rotary machines where we have much more control. After soaking we will place the rug on the wash floor and wash the entire rug both sides by hand. We will flush the rug with presurised water both sides and apply our conditioner.

Centrifuge Rapid Moisture Removal. 

Your rug will be placed into one of our centrifuges which act like a spin cycle of a washing machine we have in our homes 
This machine removes up to 95% of the water from the rug this dramatically shortens the drying time to help prevent shrinkage, discoloration and re-shaping.

Humidity & Temperature Controlled Drying

We will take your rug from the centerfuge into our temperature and humidity controlled drying room. We will hang the rug on our drying rack and groom the pile by hand the in the correct direction ready to dry. Most rugs will dry over night some very thick rugs may take a little longer. All rugs are tested with a moisture meter before removinig from teh drying room to ensure that teh rug is completely dry before it is packed up ready to be retunred.

Stain Guard Protection Treatment

We will evently apply our Stain Guard solution to your rug and brush it deep into teh pile. Our Stain Guard provides an advanced polymer protection against both water and oil based stains, naturally 100% air cures. Quick drying and stable against UV degradation. It will not change the feel of the fibre or leave any odour. 

Final inspection & Packing

Finally your rug is vacuumed and placed onto our inpection and packing table. Here we can inpect the rug closely as it is being rolled for quality control. Once we are satified we will wrap your rug in a perforated plastic rug sleeve so taht teh rug may breath while in storage rpior to collection or delivery. 

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