About Us

Founded by father and son, Barry and Troy Clement, we’re a family-owned and operated business that has been cleaning and restoring rugs for over 27 years!

Welcome to the Rug Laundry

Since the day we started in the rug cleaning industry, we have aimed to offer something very different to the standard rug clean that the vast majority of carpet cleaners carry out in the home.

And this is why we’ve never merely offered rug cleaning as an ‘add-on service.’

Instead, we chose to specialise in the art and science of rug cleaning from the very first day we opened our doors!

This has meant investing in the best equipment in the industry in order to offer the most thorough and effective rug cleaning available in the UK today.

We’ve travelled all over the world to learn from master rug cleaners and have developed our own unique processes and methods for cleaning everything from cheaper high street rugs to fine Persian heirlooms.

All rugs are meticulously cleaned with the same attention to detail at our specialist rug cleaning unit in Ammanford and so our customers always get the highest standard of service and unbeatable results.

And we do this while making the entire process – from the first point of contact to delivering your cleaned rugs -as easy as possible.

You’re more than welcome to drop your rugs at us and view our facilities, or we can arrange a convenient collection and delivery service from the comfort of your home.

We hope to be of service to you soon.



At The Rug Laundry we specialise in tailoring the best rug cleaning process to the specific fibre, texture, and area of the world your rug comes from. We know how to clean area rugs, it does not matter if it is Oriental, Persian, or Asian.

Rug Cleaning Services

We tailor the best rug cleaning process to the specific fibre, texture, and area of the world your rug comes from

Rug Dyeing Restoration

As one of the only rug dyeing specialists in the world, we're able to remove bleeding dyes, restore colour & fix bleach spills

Rug Repair Services

We're specialists in sewing and patching holes, fixing fringes, and grooming your rug's pile to reset fibres

Certified by the Best in the World

With over 20 years of rug cleaning and carpet cleaning experience, we have been certified by experts all around the world

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