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Terms & Conditions


The purpose of these T&Cs is to layout clearly the liabilities and expectations of having your soft furnishing items cleaned by RDCR or The Rug Laundry.

Basically… because we don’t know anything about your rugs or soft furnishings (how your items may have been manufactured, what dyes or chemical were used in the process, what cleaning or protective substances have been used previously or what materials, accidentally or otherwise, the item has been exposed to or the conditions it has been kept in), we can’t guarantee 100% how they will react to our cleaning process.

What we can guarantee is that we will take the most care that we are realistically able using the most environmentally, people and pet friendly cleaning products that we can find so that your items have a thorough wash without toxic chemicals.

And if we are collecting items directly from your home, again while we will take the utmost care possible, we can not be held liable for any accidental damage to any of your belongings, so please ensure the items for collection are in a sensible and convenient location where possible.

Please also note that should we find any evidence of textile pest infestation when we inspect your rug at our facility we will contact you with a quotation for treatment. Should you decide that you do not wish to have your rug treated we unfortunately we not be able to wash your rug. Any delivery/collection costs will still be chargeable.

Our Equipment

RDCR uses full immersion cleaning technology in specially designed, fit for purpose devices and machines that will care for your belongings better than domestic machines.

The washing of rugs include the following activities: – dusting in a professional duster, – washing in a bath tub, – main wash, – rinsing in a centrifuge, – drying, – combing the fleece and packing.

Oriental and hand-knotted rugs (Oriental, Persian, Nepal, Afghanistan, Morocco, Pakistan, Tibet, etc.) are washed by hand with special care using delicate detergents.

Additional Treatment Information


Moth Treatment

We will treat your rug with a pesticide which we are licensed to use. This treatment will take care of any living insect but does not guarantee to kill the unhatched eggs nor can the cleaning guarantee to remove them. Once the treatment has been applied and the item completely dry, we will wrap and store the item for 7-14 days in a warm undisturbed area. Should there be any eggs remaining they will hatch in this time. We will inspect the rug again and repeat the above process until we are confident there is no more activity in the rug. At this point we will contact the client to arrange delivery of the rug. Please note that whilst this treatment is very effective and will act as a repellent from future attacks, we cannot guarantee the treatment will be 100% successful.


Stain Guard

According to the manufacturers Terms & Conditions, the average life span of the treatment is in the region of 2 – 3 years but is subject to the material, level of wear & tear and substances or the environment it is exposed to so we are unable to make any guarantee on their behalf. Information and data sheets are available on request.



RDCR: Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration Ltd, the trading company of The Rug Laundry and The Rug Laundry.co.uk       

Company: Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration Ltd, the trading company of The Rug Laundry and The Rug Laundry.co.uk 

Clients / Customers: Anyone who has requested a service from RDCR, whether a financial transaction is included or not.

TRL: The Rug Laundry and The Rug Laundry.co.uk, a trading name of RDCR

We / Us: Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration Ltd, the trading company of The Rug Laundry and The Rug Laundry.co.uk

You: All and any clients / customers who have requested a service from RDCR, whether a financial transaction is included or not.

Charges: Quotations based up on the size and descriptions given to the customer over the telephone or internet are subject to review and correction upon inspection at the Company’s business or plant.


Limit of liability from Cleaning Process

  1. Rugs, which according to the manufacturer’s instructions cannot be washed, are accepted only at the risk and responsibility of the customer.
  2. We shall not be liable for shrinkage, rippling/buckling, sprouting/loose fibres, shedding of fibres/knots, texture change, white knots, fugitive dyes or any other defects which may appear during or resulting from the cleaning process or any other service provided.
  3. We shall not be liable for damage caused due to hidden defects of any item, including but not limited to damages caused as a result of incorrect marking of the rugs by the manufacturer.
  4. We shall not be liable for any pre-existing damage, defects or inherent vice present in any item submitted to us for any service.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse to perform any service or to withdraw from any contract if, despite previous inspections, we consider an item is not washable or there is a risk of damage.
  6. In no event will the Company be obligated or responsible to pay for the replacement or loss of value for any of the above conditions from its cleaning process or any other services performed. Neither will it be liable for any other compensation as a result of carrying out normal service activities.
  7. If a customer is dissatisfied the company has no obligation for refund or liability, but at RDCR’s discretion the company may decide to refund to the customer the amounts paid by the customer for the cleaning process or any other services performed or credit the customer’s amount for the cost of the cleaning as a show of good will. The customer accepts the foregoing as the customer’s sole remedy in the event the customer is dissatisfied with the cleaning process or any other services performed.
  8. TRL does not guarantee the removal of spots, stains, discolouration or other defects or problems. The effectiveness of the stain removal process depends on the type of rug, the origin of the stains, possible attempts of prior stain removal and the type of materials, and the length of time the rug was exposed to contamination.

Common Issues

  1. Due to the variety of materials used in the making of, the cleaning and restoration of any soft furnishing item, or the exposure to substances, all of which are outwith RDCR’s control we would like to highlight some of the common issues you may experience. This list is not exhaustive and we can not guarantee the outcome for any item that goes through our process as a result.
    1. It is not always possible to completely remove stains from: tea, coffee, wine, Coca-Cola, mascara, stains from adhesives, paints, stains from natural wood, any product that contains any form of dye and stains from urine or its smell. While we have some success, these substances can be too ingrained to be fully removed without damaging the integrity of the rug / item.
    2. It is not always possible to completely remove non water soluble contaminants, such as sand, soil, grit, hair, fur and fluff.
    3. In intensively used areas, such as rug edges or fringes, the washing process may cause or exacerbate existing damage due to the fact normal wear and tear will cause deterioration in the fabric, even if not visible. We can not be held liable for the appearance of any damage as a result.
    4. Rugs, runners and walkways after washing may lose their stiffness, woolen rugs for the first time may undergo some shrinkage, in the case of glued rugs for which poor quality glue was used, the washing process may contribute to glue breaking, de-lamination or deformation of the rug.
    5. On rugs made of polypropylene fibre and on shaggy rugs in intensively used places, darker areas may be left, resulting from damage to the pile during use.
    6. Rugs with bonded warp, viscose and leather are accepted conditionally and only on the responsibility of the customer, who agrees to their permanent damage.
    7. For trimmed rugs, a common occurrence for which we are not liable is the appearance of uneven fibres, technically known as sprouts and is caused by fibres which are wound overly tight during the manufacturing process relaxing during the cleaning and drying process, and what would appear as a colour variation which is a combination of the direction of the rug pile and the light hitting the rug.
    8. Rugs that have been exposed to light, and especially sunlight containing UV rays, will fade losing their original colour. After thorough washing the differences caused by natural light can be significantly highlighted in some cases.

Collection from / Delivery to Client Premises:

  1. During the collection or delivery of any item at the customer’s premises RDCR or any courier personnel instructed by RDCR, shall not be liable for any damages sustained to the household’s or business’s items in the process of making the pick-up or delivery, unless RDCR’s conduct is grossly negligent.
  2. In the event an external courier service is used and damages occur at the premises, the Customer needs to pursue any costs either with their insurance company or the courier company direct. RDCR / TRL has no jurisdiction over courier services or their staff and therefore will not be held liable.
  3. RDCR/TRL will not, without prior arrangement move any furniture at the customer’s premises in order to gain access to items to be removed for cleaning. Should there be a requirement for basic furniture moving, this must be pre-arranged and is chargeable at a £35 fee. Should heavy lifting or extensive removals be required, RDCR/TRL will offer details of a professional removals company to assist.

Abandoned Items

  1. The customer will be charged for storage of all items if said items are not picked up or accepted for delivery by the customer within 30 days of notification that they are ready. Notification is defined as a telephone message, letter or email. Said storage is 10% of the invoice charge per month plus an initial packaging fee.
  2. Any items left over 3 months with the Company, without full payment of the invoice and accrued storage charges will be sold. The rugs or merchandise will be sold in a commercially reasonable manner in compliance with the applicable statutes. The customer will be due the difference between what RDCR sold the rug and what is owed by the customer. The customer must apply in writing for any monies still owed to them within 6 months after the sale. In the event the sale of the rug did not cover any outstanding invoices RDCR retains the right to pursue the Customer for the outstanding balance.

Non-cleaning limit of liability

  1. The Company’s liability for non-process losses however caused, shall be restricted to losses caused by mysterious disappearance, fire, burglary, theft, perils of transportation and negligence and shall be limited to the lowest of the following:
    1. The cost of the repair,
    2. The cost to replace the damaged article with one of like quality, type, size and condition at the time the article was placed in the care of the Company,
    3. The sum that our insurers agree to pay out on any specific claim that includes your lost or damaged item, for said item, limited to the insured amount as stated by the individual Rug Cleaning Package.
  2. In the event that an insurance claim is being pursued, you the customer will be informed and given the option to wait on the outcome. Should you decide to accept an amount prior to the completion of the insurance claim, the matter will be considered settled and TRL will have no further liability.

Insurance Disclosure:

  1. The customer acknowledges, warrants and represents to the Company that the customer has their own insurance to cover the non-process perils listed above and in the event the customer fails to do so, the customer reaffirms that they will be bound by the limits of liability under non-process peril.


  1. The Company and the customer covenant and agree that the Company may charge the customer’s credit card, debit card or bank account for the charges pertaining to an agreed order. You as the customer shall not stop, contest or dishonor any payment to RDCR. In the event the customer does so, the customer shall pay any and all charges, legal fees and costs incurred by the Company in connection with enforcing said purchase, including prosecution or an action to judgment and collecting there on.
  2. RDCR’s cleaning service fee is charged in full upon completion of the order / agreed work.
  3. Couriered rugs for use of the TRL service requires a deposit up front and the final payment to be paid in full on completion, but prior to delivery.
  4. Rugs dropped of to TRL requires payment in full on collection.
  5. Rugs collected by TRL requires payment in full at the time of the return delivery.
  6. All prices are based on measurements as recorded by TRL or RDCR. Our word is final and non-negotiable as to physical measurements.


  1. Complaints are accepted only in writing and considered within 14 days and are subject to conditions as outlined in these Terms & Conditions.
  2. In the event of a dispute between the Customer and TRL as a result of damage or missing items, the basis for payment of compensation is a rug purchase receipt, etc. or a quote and the provisions of the Civil Code apply.


  1. RDCR retains the right to withdraw any warranty from a package at any time but will uphold any pre-existing warranty agreements sold to a customer
  2. The Spot and Spill Warranty is only available with certain packages (please see the list online for current packages that list this warranty is included) and is subject to the following conditions
    1. Within 6 months of the original rug clean, should your rug have liquid spilled over it the customer can request an additional clean free of charge
    2. Request for the re-cleaning of rugs under this warranty must be accompanied by the receipt and must be arranged within 6 months from the invoice / receipt date.
    3. Rugs accepted for a re-clean will only be cleaned and the stain guard applied at no extra cost. Any other service will be charged at current rates.
    4. If the rug contamination or stain is too severe RDCR retain the right to refuse to handle the rug unless agreed prior to delivery
    5. Rugs are taken collected & delivered to and from The Rug Laundry facility in Ammanford at the expense of the client. 
    6. All other Terms and Conditions apply
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