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Cleaning Pet Urine Affected Rugs

If you own a pet, you’ve undoubtedly had to tackle a nasty accident at some point.

Cleaning up pet urine off your carpets or rugs is a hazard that goes hand in hand with raising a pet (particularly a puppy!)

Pet urine can not only leaves nasty odours behind, but it can also damage your rugs if not dealt with promptly by damaging and discolouring the fibres.

If you catch your pet in the act, here’s a quick guide on how to deal with a pet urine accident:

  1. Blot the stain immediately. Urine causes damage the longer it remains untreated. Don’t rub the stain or this will spread the urine into surrounding fibres.
  2. Rinse with fresh water. Once you’ve blotted up as much of the urine and moisture as possible, rinse the affected area of your rug with cool water. 
  3. Blot the area once again with a fresh cloth to continue drawing the urine out of the rug fibres. 
  4. Call a local professional rug cleaning company to arrange a specialist pet stain and odour treatment. 

Completely removing urine is usually not possible in the home and so to ensure all traces of the urine have been removed it is important they undergo a specialist urine rug cleaning process after the initial clean-up.

Indeed, even a standard professional carpet cleaning service simply cannot remove all the odour from the fibres and backing of a rug.

All pet-stained rugs go through our multi-stage urine cleaning process:

  1. We carry out pre-wash dusting using our automatic duster to remove as much dry soil as possible.
  2. Pre-treat the rugs with a urine sanitising solution.
  3. Pre-test and apply dye stabiliser if required.
  4. Wash the rug using our automatic machine or hand wash method.
  5. Rinse and then remove moisture using our centrifuge.
  6. Re-apply sanitiser and a urine odour eliminator.
  7. Repeat the washing procedure and hang to dry in our temperature-controlled drying room.
  8. Once dry, we use an ozone machine to remove any residual odour.
  9. Any residual stains will be inspected, treated and removed.
  10. Final detailed inspection before packing ready for collection/delivery.

Areas We Offer Pet Urine Treatments 

In addition to South Wales and Bristol, we now offer our industry-leading rug cleaning services further afield via a specialist courier. 

We’re now collecting, cleaning and delivering rugs for customers in the following areas. 

Rug Cleaning Surrey

Rug Cleaning Hampshire

Rug Cleaning London

Rug Cleaning Exeter & Devon

Rug Cleaning Cornwall

Rug Cleaning Birmingham

Rug Cleaning Edinburgh

Simply call us today on 0800 002 9543 for a free no obligation quotation. 

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