Yes There’s A Lockdown, But We’re Still Open & Ready To Clean Your Rugs!

2020 has been quite a year hasn’t it!?

Just when we thought that some semblance of normality was resuming, we in Wales find ourselves entering into another lockdown; albeit this time a short ‘firebreak’ of two weeks.

But how does this affect our operations here at The Rug Laundry?

Well, in reality, it doesn’t actually change that much.

We’re still collecting, cleaning and delivering rugs throughout Wales during the next couple of weeks of lockdown. In fact, much like the first longer lockdown, we’re expecting to be as busy as ever due to people spending more time at home than usual.

The advantage of the way that we run our rug cleaning service is that it is completely covid secure. We can arrange a convenient collection appointment for you from your doorstep, or you can drop off your rugs to us at our rug spa.

Our aim is to make our rug cleaning service as comfortable and reassuring as possible for our customers.

And so as you find yourselves spending more time at home in the next couple of weeks, and you’re getting distracted by a rug that has been crying out for a really proper clean (or you have a naughty pet!), please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re always happy to provide a free, no obligation rug cleaning quotation.

Our rug process is the most thorough in the industry and comes at a fraction of the cost of replacing your rugs.

Whether you have a shop bought shaggy rug, or a valuable treasured family heirloom, we give each and every rug that comes through our doors the same care and attention. Because it is you Рour customers Рthat we want to thrill with our results and service.

And that is why we’ll be continuing to work throughout this latest lockdown for all our customers throughout Wales.

To get your free rug spa cleaning quotation, get in touch today.





How To Vacuum Your Rugs

How To Vacuum Your Rugs

Improper vacuuming can damage and devalue your rugs, vacuums with beater bars and brushes can break the face yarns and distort the pile. When it comes to vacuuming, it’s important to know what to do, as well as what you should never do.

So let’s talk about how to maintain three different types of rugs properly. Firstly, let’s talk about sturdy thick foundation rugs. Second, we’ll discuss thin foundation rugs. Third, we’ll talk about very delicate rugs. And finally, we’ll talk about dealing with fringe on all types of rugs.

Be sure to turn your vacuum’s beater bar off, or at the very least use it at the highest setting as the aggressive motorised brush can break the surface fibres of your rug. If you have a sturdy thick foundation rug and you’re using a standard vacuum attachment, whether the rug has a pile or not, vacuum sideways across the width of the rug and across the direction of the pile.

Regardless of the type of rug you have, don’t go near the fringe unless you can shut your beater bar off as rotating brushes will quickly tear the fringe tassels. Another option is to use an upholstery attachment, vacuuming with the direction of the pile and taking the attachment up after each stroke so you’re never pushing the attachment against the direction of the pile.

If your rug is a thin foundation rug with a pile, use an upholstery attachment and vacuum with the direction of the pile only. Again, you want to pick the attachment up and not push the attachment against the direction of the pile on the return strokes.

If your thin foundation rug doesn’t have a pile, use an upholstery attachment and vacuum across the width of the rug. Don’t be too aggressive or use too much pressure as even upholstery attachments can cause very delicate rug fibres to become frizzy or damage very old fibres. For this reason, if the face yarns of your rug are delicate, or very old, it might be best to not use a vacuum at all. Instead, just brush the surface fibres by hand using a soft horsehair brush.

With a thin foundation rug, you’ll want to go across the width of the rug when you’re brushing. This type of delicate rug will not always be on the floor, they will often be hanging on walls. And remember, the idea is to dust off the dirt and soil, while it’s still on the tips of the yarns before it has a chance to penetrate to the deeper layers of the rug. You don’t need to be too aggressive with this step, but be thorough and do it as often as you can.

Now, let’s talk about how to properly deal with fringe on any type of rug. You want to vacuum or brush fringe going with the direction of the fibres, to reduce the possibility of any damage us an upholstery attachment between the fringe. If the fringe fibres are delicate or very old, use a soft brush and again, brush with the direction of the fibres.

So how often should you dust your rugs? If it’s been two years or more since your last rug washing then you won’t be able to get ahead of the curve in keeping the dirt out of the foundation of your rugs, get your rugs washed and then begin this regular dusting routine. If your rug has recently been washed, then you shouldn’t have very much embedded soil in the foundation so the goal is to keep that build-up of dust and grit as low as possible until your next washing.

In general you want to dust the front of your rugs every week or two, depending on the traffic they’re getting, and on the location in your home. If they’re in a high traffic area, or if there’s a substantial amount of dirt, dust more frequently. If they’re getting light traffic or there’s very little dirt, dust less frequently.

Every other month dust the back of the rug, go across the width using the same attachment that you used on the front, remember to dust the back of hanging rugs as well. If a rug is extremely delicate, use a brush, but you should still dust the back periodically. This will disturb these areas, and will help to keep bug and moth activity down.

If your rug is woven, sturdy and has a fairly thick foundation, then every six months, you should flip the rug face down and thoroughly dust the backside of the rug going across the width, with the beater bar of your vacuum at a low setting and switched on. The idea here is to use the vibrations of the beater bar to shake the dirt out of the foundation and the base of the pile, it’s amazing how much dirt rugs can hold. You might be surprised and what you’re able to shake out of your rugs with this method.

If your rug is a tufted rug, meaning that it has a cloth backing on it, don’t use this method! Tufted rugs have a layer of glue holding them together and this process might do more harm than good. Because rugs can hold so much dirt without even looking dirty, it’s important to have your rugs washed every six months to a year. If you have any questions about the proper maintenance of your rugs, just give us a call on 01269 842497 and we’ll be happy to help!


How To Choose The Right Company To Clean Your Rugs

Have you ever paid for a rug cleaning service and been underwhelmed with the results?

Maybe the result was an improvement but there was still a lingering odour?

Or perhaps your rug took a long time to dry and remained a little grubby in places?

This is usually because most rug cleaning companies merely clean rugs as they would a fitted carpet in your home.

Our rug cleaning service is different. Here’s why:

Professional rug spa cleaning

How To Choose A Rug Cleaning Company

While some rugs can be cleaned in your home using a portable carpet cleaning machine, you will not achieve the results you want by opting for this service.

This is because this type of method only cleans the surface of your rugs and doesn’t get deep into the pile. A surface clean with a portable machine cannot clean the back of your rugs effectively and risks causing damage. Also, if your rugs have fringes, then these are particularly troublesome to clean in the home and are prone to ‘browning’ and other issues.

While any cleaning is better than no cleaning, the difference in the results and cleanliness of a rug cleaned at a rug spa like ours, and a rug cleaned in your living room, is night and day!

Experience and knowledge

In the competitive online world, everyone states they’re the ‘best’ at what they do.

For this reason, it can make it a little tricky to differentiate between rug cleaning companies.

But assuming you’ve now decided you’d like a your rug cleaned at a rug spa and you’re looking for the right company to carry out the work…

How do you choose between multiple companies that offer this service?

Well, make sure that you actually are getting the real rug spa cleaning experience, rather than a company who will just collect your rug and clean it off-site using basic equipment.

When you book The Rug Laundry, you can be sure your rugs are being treated to the most thorough process in the industry.

With decades of experience between us, we have the knowledge, training and experience to tackle the most tricky of rugs.

Convenience & customer service

When you choose us to clean your rugs, we try to make things as easy as possible for you.

You are able to drop your rugs to our unit or we can also arrange a convenient collect and delivery service where we’ll pick up from the comfort of your home.

We’ll carry out a full pre-inspection report and once your rug is cleaned, it will be dried, wrapped and stored, ready for collection or drop-off to your home.

It is very different to the process of a carpet cleaner arriving at your home and whipping over the surface of your rugs and then having to wait hours for them to dry in your living room!

We collect, clean and deliver rugs throughout South Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea, Carmarthen and Newport.


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