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Professional Rug Laundry Cleaning Vs Standard In-Situ Cleaning

If you’re searching the web for a local rug cleaning company, you’ll be presented with many options. Each business will promise great results, but do they all offer the same professional service? The answer is no.

Many people assume that all rugs are cleaned the same way as a fitted carpet and that all companies will come to the home to clean rugs. For the most part this is true – the vast majority of cleaning companies will merely clean your rugs using a portable carpet cleaning machine in your home. But does the same method of cleaning a carpet attain the best results for rugs? Well, we’d argue that it fails to even achieve an acceptable cleaning result.

Professional Rug Laundry Cleaning Vs Standard In-Situ Cleaning

Standard Rug Cleaning is Surface Cleaning Only

If you’ve ever had your carpets cleaned (or indeed your rugs) you’ll have noticed that the carpet is merely cleaned across the surface of the fibres using an attachment called a ‘wand.’ While this can achieve superficial results and remove some surface stains, it cannot remove all the grit and soils from deep in your rugs and it won’t result in a truly hygienically clean rug. Indeed, it is very difficult for this cleaning method to remove stubborn urine odours and bacteria.

The standard carpet cleaning process is not suitable to clean the back of rugs and so it is only the fibres of the top surface that can be cleaned. In addition to this, if you’re having your carpet cleaned in your home, the company will likely be using the same chemicals that are used to clean a standard fitted carpet. In the case of Oriental rugs, these chemicals may result in the colours bleeding from your rug and can sometimes cause irreparable damage.

If you do choose to have your rugs cleaned in your home, as opposed to being taken away for a rug spa clean, then be sure to choose a company that operates high-quality professional carpet cleaning machines such as those manufactured by Texatherm.

Professional Rug Laundry Cleaning Vs Standard In-Situ Cleaning

Rug Laundry Cleaning is a Deep Cleaning Process

When you book a professional rug clean with The Rug Laundry, your rugs get treated to the most through rug cleaning process in the cleaning industry.

Once we have inspected your rug, all the embedded dust and loose soiling is removed using our mechanical dusting machine that removes all the debris and grit. Once thoroughly dusted, it will go through our advanced wash and cleaning machine that uses oscillating brushes and gentle rug shampoos to clean every square inch of your rug. Then it enters our centrifuge machine to quickly remove excess moisture before being hung to dry in our temperature and humidity controlled drying room.

Our process provides unbeatable cleaning and results in rugs that are beautifully fresh, fluffy and hygienic.

We collect, clean and deliver rugs throughout South Wales, including Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport.

To get your free quotation, contact us today.

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