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Where to Place Your Rugs at Home

A beautiful, fresh and clean rug is a stylish addition to any home.

When placed on a tiled floor, rugs provide comfort and warmth. They also add contrast and colour to neutral colour schemes.

In addition to this, they can offer practicality and act as a barrier to soiling from outside foot traffic.

But where are your rugs best placed inside your home?

While it makes sense to position your rugs where they look best, here are some practical points to consider with regards to the differs types of rug.

Woollen Rugs

Natural woollen rugs are usually more expensive than polypropylene rugs. They offer warmth and luxury to a room and can last a lifetime if regularly maintained and cared for.

Wool rugs work well in living rooms, particularly when placed on tiled floors that would benefit from a change of texture and colour. If your rug is a Persian style with lovely depth of colour then they can also work well as a hallway runner.

If, however, your rug is more of a beige or natural colour, then they are better situated in rooms that won’t be subjected to muddy shoes and regular heavy foot traffic!

Sisal Style Rugs

Sisal is a natural fibre that can make some of the strongest and most durable types of rugs.

Sisal rugs add a real sense of natural charm to a room and compliment cool, natural tomes and decor.

Because of their durability, they also work brilliantly in high traffic areas and as hallway / entrance area runners.

Cotton Rugs

High quality cotton rugs are comfortable, warm and soft. Usually flat, they benefit from regular cleaning to keeping them looking their best and to show off their colours.

These types of rug work well in most rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms and to break up long hallways and corridors.

Polypropylene / Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs are usually a very affordable and family-friendly option when choosing a new rug.

Less susceptible than wool rugs are to sun fading, they can be placed anywhere in your home that would benefit from the addition of a beautiful, clean rug.

As with any rug, they benefit from regular professional cleaning to maintain their condition and appearance.

The importance of regular cleaning

While certain styles of rug are better suited to different areas of your home, ultimately it is down to your personal preference where you position your rugs.

While certain areas or rooms may be more forgiving to your rugs with regards to soiling and wear and tear, as long as they are maintained then they will continue to be a pleasing addition to any room.

For this reason, we recommend scheduling a regular professional clean at a specialist rug spa. Depending on the level of foot traffic (and messy children!) this may be anything from every 6-18 months.

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