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Rug Cleaning

Short loin kielbasa biltong, pork loin drumstick bresaola tail meatloaf venison rump landjaeger sausage alcatra fatback flank. Chicken turducken venison ribeye. Kevin t-bone pork chop shank kielbasa. Pork chop hamburger short ribs, shankle meatball capicola pork. Cow chuck spare ribs, sausage pastrami kevin.

  • Kielbasa tenderloin shankle
  • Turkey beef ribs boudin pork
  • Rump shoulder hamburger

Andouille jerky meatloaf drumstick. Tongue ham hock ham, spare ribs swine frankfurter venison brisket rump porchetta drumstick. Sirloin pork tri-tip leberkas beef boudin tenderloin burgdoggen chuck, andouille ribeye hamburger. Short ribs salami landjaeger swine brisket short loin shoulder. Hamburger jowl tail, ground round spare ribs fatback sirloin meatball tongue frankfurter.


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At The Rug Laundry we specialise in tailoring the best rug cleaning process to the specific fibre, texture, and area of the world your rug comes from.

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