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Our Guide To Cleaning & Caring For Your Rugs

People have been beating, washing and cleaning their rugs for centuries.

Quality rugs are a focal point of any room in your home, but they are also are also incredibly efficient at trapping dirt and allergens.

For this reason, it is important to clean your rugs regularly, not only to keep them looking beautifully clean, but also ensure they are hygienic and free of germs.

There are many ways to clean a rug. If you’re having your rug cleaned by a professional cleaning company, you’ll find that the vast majority will use the same equipment and process as they would to clean a fitted carpet in your home.

Although it may appear that booking your rugs to be cleaned in your home is a cheap, quick and convenient solution, it isn’t the most effective way to clean any area rug.

In this blog post, we’ll cover how you can maintain and improve the appearance, hygiene and lifespan of your rugs, while taking a look at the most effective method of rug cleaning.

We find that once our customers understand why we’re different to other rug cleaning companies (and they see the results) they come back to us time and again to clean their rugs.

How to maintain your rugs

One of the most important things you can do to prevent damage to your rugs is to vacuum them regularly.

Vacuuming helps prevent abrasive grit and dirt getting embedded in the fibres, causing them to degrade over time.

Also remember to turn your rug over on a clean surface and vacuum the backing. Make sure this is done on a solid or tiled surface as you’ll find that this will release a lot of dust and loose soils!

To remove the soiling that is released, pull the rug away from the cleaning area and sweep or vacuum up the debris, before repeating the process – often multiple times – until all the soil has been ejected from the rug.

Carrying out this process will prevent fibre damage and avoidable wear and tear, significantly prolonging the life of your rugs.

Treating stains & spillages

While you should always blot any spillages as quickly as possible, we recommend contacting us if you have a spillage that has become a stain before attempting to remove with a supermarket stain remover!

Many shop bought chemicals can cause further issues if used inappropriately and can actually discolour your rug and make professional stain removal trickier than if left untreated.

The safest way to remove a spillage is to blot with a clean towel or cloth and fresh, clean water. If the stain remains, then please do contact us for advice.

The problems with rental machines and carpet cleaners

While it may be tempting to hire a machine from your local shop, please don’t!

These machines often cause innumerable issues with fitted carpets, and with rugs the outcome is usually worse.

Prone to over-wetting, they can damage the backing, cause bacterial problems, and can make drying out your rugs an impossible task.

But what about calling your local carpet cleaner? Surely they’ll do a better job?


It’s certainly a safer way to remove a stain than throwing the kitchen sink at it yourself.

But while a carpet cleaning company will likely have a more powerful machine than what you’ll find in your local shop, it is still not the ideal way to effectively clean and dry an area rug.

And that’s because they’re still only really cleaning the surface area of your rug.

The most effective way to clean your rugs

We strongly believe that all rugs should be cleaned out of the home, in a dedicated rug cleaning plant like ours.

This is how we always clean rugs for our customers.

It results in a finished rug that is beautifully clean, fresh and hygienic.

And with the option to drop off your rugs at a time of your choosing, or book our convenient collection and delivery service, it couldn’t be easier.

Simply call us today for your free, no obligation quotation.

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